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Patient Success Stories



Dr. Conlon has helped me tremendously. I never thought I would ever feel such relief. All my doctors said nothing more could be done for me, then I met my angel Laurie and now I can walk without a cane!!! The office personnel are first class. They treat you like a friend, not just the 3:00 appointment!

Irene Love


I was in extreme pain with my arthritis, could no longer work, sometimes trouble walking and doing everyday tasks. Dr. Conlon has helped me so much. I walk in the office with pain and walk out feeling better.

Elaine Spaulding


I had extreme pain in my neck, shoulders, and back for about a year. I was in constant pain which affected all activities and sleep. Because of the thoroughness of each adjustment by Dr. Conlon, in two months I am 90 percent pain free. I am sleeping better and do not need pain pills other than an occasional Tylenol. I am impressed by Dr. Conlon's knowledge of the body and its needs. Dr. Conlon and staff are compassionate and caring.

Texas Bailo


My back hurt for months. I could hardly bend over normally. Since starting chiropractic care I have made 100 percent progress and it has made my life much easier.

John Ojala


My left shoulder was bothering me then I fell on it. I was in a lot of pain, sleeping was very miserable. I detail cars and climb in and out of them. Being adjusted has really helped my back and with this shoulder situation, it has been a blessing. Dr. Conlon is very attentive to your problem and takes her time with you. Very friendly office.

Ernie Katai


I had a pinched nerve in my neck for two years or more. It was very painful all through my head, neck, and shoulders. I couldn't move my head. It was hard to drive or even drink coffee. I can now move freely, very little pain, and can even breathe better with my COPD. Dr. Conlon knew from the start what was wrong and explained thoroughly what is happening and what can be achieved. Friendly personnel, informative, knowledgable.

Alberta Collado


I was in a car accident and had neck and shoulder pain. I couldn't move my neck, it was very painful. I couldn't drive, dress myself, do chores around the house. Since beginning care with Dr. Conlon, I have improved almost 100 percent. It has been a night and day difference. I have always slouched and with chiropractic care I feel better overall and am a lot straighter. The staff are very friendly and made me feel very comfortable. They care about the patient and the patient's needs.

Kristin S.



















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